रविवार, 17 जुलाई 2011

lokpal bill

Respected Anna ji,

I don’t agree with your plan to go on indefinite strike from 16th august .On 18th may 2011 I sent a request to BaBa ramdev for not going on unshion for indefinite period rather he should have a token satyagrah for 3to7 days with taking all the meals because nobody will care for him & police action will be taken against him and it will be a big setback to not only for him but for the whole people of India. In that letter I also wrote that the time of election before the Sonia Gandhi had gone and now they will not care even for Anna hazare . now all can see the same is happening .

In second letter I question all of you that who will sign his own death-warrant . you want severe punishment for corrupt people. As all knows most of the leaders who have to pass the bill are themselves corrupt . One should not expect a person will pass a bill for his own punishment . Your team is demanding the punishment not for the members & ministers but for their boss Mr prime minister . now they all have a good escape . second thing is that supreme court will not allow an Act which will diminish its supreme power without a proper amendment in constitution which is not possible in a day . Even if you form a majority Govt at centre You cannot pass the bill as per your draft . How your team is insisting on Act which is not feasible at all ! and for that to go on indefinite strike is not justified .

As for as inclusion of PM is concerned , if the prima facie case appears against him he can be forced to leave the post or he has to loose the next election and then to face the charges as had happened in case of Rajeev Gandhi . On the other hand Indira Gandhi imposed emergency when she found that her election to the parliament has been found illegal and jailed all those who opposed her . Therefore I request you to think twice not only with close members but with other legal experts & thinkers .

I was principal in a Govt college of MP . I took VRS because I could not dare to spoil the future of my students . now I am publishing a magazine ‘Rajatpath’ from Bhopal . My aim is to make the clear concept of political & legal terms . As, there is no term ‘GOVERNMENT’ in the constitution , NO term of Executive in the constitution but everybody is calling as govt to the ministry. When a case is under consideration in a court against govt ,not a minister but administrative has to face the trial and if the case is lost the penalty is imposed on public fund which has nothing to do with the matter . please think over the real picture of the country .

I have a full plan in a system named ‘janshakti’ (rajatpath , Dec-Jan’2010) if applied ,will lead to a society almost free of crimes where people will work honestly with a feeling of brotherhood.

I would again request you humbly to reconsider about satyagrah and utilize your huge energy in future . please let the bill pass as ministry wants.

With regards,

Pro.A.D.Khatri , bhopal

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