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face of corruption

Face of corruption
There are many faces of corruption . The common most of them is construction corruption because it can be seen everywhere you go .The whole episode of common wealth games is devoted to it which was done with the consent of our honest prime minister Dr. manmohan singh . In madhya pradesh there happened a minor incident of negligence rather than corruption for which a high profile enquiry has been set up. It is not for being an honest govt working in M.P. but for a specially high dignitary , Governor of madhy pradesh. the govt. of M.P. organizes many nautankies, to impress poor people so that they may realize that it is a great govt ,doing lot of work for their welfare. The program was ,'school chalen ham' to show govts' devotion to RTE. On the first opening day of schools , teachers welcomed students by garlanding ,tilak etc & distributing sweats , toffees to them . but no care was taken for the poor roofs allowing rain water inside classrooms . There was no cleanliness and boundary wall for the security of the schools , no proper teaching materials & qualified staff.
A new temporary helipad was constructed to land the helicopter of Mahamahim Rajypal . Without O.K. report , as PWD department of M.P. usually avoids in most of the cases to bear the responsibility of its poor construction , Governor's helicopter was sent to the school . As soon as it tried to touch the land the poor helipad could not bear the burden & its wheels kracking the pad entered the soil . the expert pilot by trial & error method any how landed it without much pressure on the surface and Governor came down with the help of a stair safely and attended the function .They were back by road .
Now the first question is, along with 'The Hitvada', many leading news papers are picturing the pit holes & damaged road all over the Bhopal city ,what to say about villages .No body takes care of that . Every body knows it is a routine corruption phenomenon . Roads even disappear , bridge collapse ,buildings drip , who cares for that . the only thing is observed that from top to bottom every body has received his proper share in corruption . It was very small construction work that too in a rainy season on a black soil . Certainly no body will think of corruption or doing it knowingly .
As it was for the head of the state. therefore first responsibility lies on the person who planned to take him there and secondly on the authority who landed over the helicopter on the poor helipad without O.K. report. when Roads made with huge expenditure are unable to take the loads of small & light vehicles and common man then what to talk about a helicopter' load .
Second question is that the whole people of state have no weightage and are accursed to face the ruined roads through out the year because no body have ever heard any enquiry concerned
with the construction work. How one can say, all are equal before the constitution ? Had governor even once asked about the ruined roads , such incident would never have occurred.

Dr.A.D.Khatri , Bhopal

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